Personalized Tutoring and College Coaching

Personalized Tutoring and College Coaching

Personalized Tutoring and College Coaching Personalized Tutoring and College Coaching Personalized Tutoring and College Coaching

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Linda Presto, Owner/Operator, CCWC


CCWC recognizes that every student and every parent is unique and we go the extra mile to understand and fulfill each individual’s needs. We know how to engage students and parents to achieve the important goals. At CCWC you’ll find help in reducing the stress and anxiety of schoolwork and the entire process of searching, preparing, applying, writing, and paying for college. Our goal is to provide quality tutoring services and college prep to all students. CCWC also provides professional resumes and interview prep for students and adults.


 A professional writer for over 20 years, Linda has worked in corporate communications, advertising, magazine and newspaper publishing. She has been employed by Newsweek, Horizon Blue Cross Blue Shield, The NJ Herald, and McCann Advertising. Linda is also a certified teacher of English K-12 and ESL in New Jersey. She is currently a Home Instructor with West Morris Regional High School District and Morris Hills School District and has been an English and Writing private tutor for almost 20 years. Linda offers homework help and coaches students preparing for college and beyond. Her experience includes SAT/ACT prep, college and scholarship searches, applications, essays, resumes, interview preparation, personal statements, strategy, as well as school and career planning and writing services. Linda graduated magna cum laude from Montclair State University with a BA in English and a minor in Women’s Studies. Linda recently earned her MFA in Writing from Vermont College of Fine Arts. She received the Richard Drukker Journalism Award and Scholarship for excellence in a published piece in 2003. She facilitated her own college education entirely through scholarships. 


CCWC establishes personal relationships with students and their families to assist in beginning a successful journey through school. We provide quality, personalized tutoring and college admissions counseling and dedicated assistance with proven tools to help each student through the entire college process. We offer extensive discussion and instruction to assist in putting their best foot forward and creating winning essays that personify the best attributes and collective picture of the student so he or she will stand out. We are here to help reduce stress and create a smoother transition from high school into college and beyond.

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CCWC delivers quality, personalized service in tutoring and preparing for and applying to college with a goal of helping each student improve skills, learn processes, and ultimately find the right fit and the best possible program of study. 

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