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 "Incredible. I cannot effectively describe what Linda has done for my children with college preparation and tutoring. She helped one of my sons outline all his essays for college applications. He had the information and with Linda's assistance he was able to successfully format his stories and personal life events into creative and persuasive essays. My son, Patrick, was accepted to schools and offered scholarships at schools that were his "reach schools" in addition to the ones that were within his SAT achievement scores. Linda helped keep him on track so all his applications were complete prior to senior year. What a relief and confidence-builder for my son.
Thank you, Linda!!"—Judy, Chester, NJ

"The summer before my senior year I worked with Mrs. P to write my college admissions essays. At first I was skeptical because college admissions essays are supposed to be individual and I was worried that she might want me to give generic answers. However, Mrs. P encouraged me to express myself and be genuine. We created detailed outlines so when it came time to write I had all the information in front of me and was putting my words to it; making it my story. Upon talking to school officials, I received great feedback about how my essays were a deciding factor in my acceptance. I was admitted to several schools that were originally thought to be out of reach for me and I have Mrs. P to thank for that. Thank you!"—Patrick, Chester, NJ

"I don't know what we would have done without Linda's help. She made us feel less stressed about the entire process of applying to college. Her expertise as a writer made the essays a much better experience for my son, and Linda's personality is so pleasant that I felt happy and confident my son was in good hands."—Geeta, Hackettstown, NJ
"Linda is a lifesaver! Her knowledge of the college process as a professional and a parent is unmeasurable. Working with Linda alleviated our family's anxiety and stress during this process. Her personalized approach is exactly what my family was looking for."—Joanne, Mendham, NJ

"Searching for the college that is just the right fit takes a child down a long and winding path. As parents, we want to be able to give our children all that we can and steer them toward lives that are productive and satisfying. Our family found that the expertise to guide that very important journey resided with Linda and her colleagues at College Coaching with Care.The individualized instruction, personal assessment of strengths and interests along with the customized approach to the oftentimes overwhelming college search and application process that our child has received from these dedicated and qualified educators - partnered with her own hard work and determination - has her now able to proudly state that she has been accepted to seven out of the seven universities she chose to apply to, receiving thousands of dollars in merit scholarships in recognition of her abilities.The right fit is everythingThe most conscientious and caring way that we, as parents, found to support our child as she moved into her future as a confident college student was to allow the professionals at College Coaching with Care to guide her way. We are forever grateful."—Karen, Mendham, NJ
"I have worked with Ms. P for about three years and in these three years I have become a more mature and analytical reader and writer. Working with her has made me feel prepared for college and the next steps of my academic career. With her help, I have gotten into the universities where I belong and where I feel I will flourish."—Katherine, Mendham, NJ